D-Day, (despite all the celebration behind the specific one on June 6, 1944) is actually the generic Army term for any amphibious landing. There were countless D-Day's throughout Europe and Asia during WW2, but nowadays when someone says D-Day it's 99% sure they are talking about the Allied attack on Normandy, France in 1944.
by Shigure November 3, 2003
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1. June 6, 1994

2. Designated day; unnamed day on which operations commence or are scheduled to commence.
The Allies stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944
by Ryan November 17, 2003
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Canadian, British, and American armies landed on Gold, Juno, Sword, Utah, and Omaha beaches in northern France in attempt to breach the German defences protecting their western flank. Unfortunately for the mother fucking Nazi's, our bad ass Westerners knocked them the fuck out. About 110 000 soldiers landed on June 6th 1994 and about 10 000 became casualties. The Americans had particular difficulty securing Omaha beach where German defences mowed down their soldiers with supressive machine gun, mortar and airial fire.
Luckily for us, we fucking rock and we rocked those fudge packing Nazi's all the way back to Berlin and squeezed them between the left ass cheek of the Canadians, British, and Americans and right ass cheek of the Russians.

Nazi: Hey look, it's the Canadians
Nazi 2: Hey look it's the British
Nazi 3: Hey look it's the Americans
Nazi 4: Hey look we're gonna fucking die!

Adolf Hitler: Give me Canadian men and American equipment and I'll win the war.

Canada rules!

I purpose for the unification of America and Canada to become the "United Sates of North America"....we'll take over the world.
by Jordan January 7, 2004
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To everyone with negative things to say about d-day: how about you show some fucking respect for the people who fought and died there. They are the reason you have many of the freedoms you enjoy, so shut the fuck up and show some appreciation.
Liberal assclowns have no reverence for those who have fought and died to maintain the blanket of freedom under which they sleep at night.
by Aaron December 8, 2003
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6, June 1944 not 1943 or 1994 you retards read a fuckin book for once D-Day was an important turning point in the war and it was not to save France from the fuckin Commies it was to free a peoples from a tyrant.
D-Day os on 6, June 1944 consisting of a larga force of Americans, British, and Canadians, and have respect for the men who died cause of the Krauts
by deathstars April 30, 2008
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It actually means Day day in army talk, like h-hour. No joke.
D-day was the day the canadians,americans,and british defeated the Nazis in WWII
by anklesarelikelittlehats June 2, 2006
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an operation which wasent nessesary, if the allies hadent invaded there the germans still would have been defeated, d-day was not to save france from the germans, but to save france from the russians. bye june 1944, the germans had already lost at kursk nearly year before d-day, which was the turning point in the war i nthe east, by late 1945 if the allies hadent invaded, france would have msot likly been part of the soviet union.
the allies were thinking about more than the germans...
by eastern person January 20, 2005
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