A fuckin gay program made by small ng who is older than lord Voldemort and broke his leg while chasing a bus
D&T is gay.
Watch Small Ng Fuck himself in D&T.
Small Ng drew a penis in D&T.
by Blaze-Bus September 3, 2019
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A person whom shamelessly demoralizes girls so that they will give him a hand-job while they are half asleep against there will in a room full of people.
Man 1:Did you see him being a dick to her?
Man 2: Yeah he was being a total D-T
by Pooh Bear69 October 12, 2011
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The formula for finding speed. Speed (m/sec) = distance (m) / time (sec)
S=d/t is a way to find the speed of an object.
by PotterHead⚡️ November 28, 2017
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Its a short term for "Down to grind?"

Usually used by awkward drunk white guys.
Drunk White Guy: Hey girl, you D T G?!!

Girl: ewww!! get away from me you creep!
by Persia021 January 20, 2013
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Something I used to troll a server on Discord.
Me: *Spams b l y a d / t 50 times*
..Mute button..
by .._your_real_name_.. October 16, 2020
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