Used when having a cold one with the bros. Similar to performing cheers, except a little more violent.
Grab a beer and put it here”, said Alex as he smashed his can of beer into mine.
by Young nelu December 25, 2017
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A phrase used by some contributors who have too much sense to supply any overtly identifying information.
The answer to this phrase is, yes. UrbanDictionary won't let us leave the name empty any more. So go ahead and put "do I have to put something here?"
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I dont know either, I tried looking this up and nothing came up so i did it my self. Anyways goodbye my friend
"Im going onto the urban dictionary. But idk what to put here"
by idk what to put here either January 19, 2022
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no one wants to know about your gay friends on a fucking dictionary.
teeheehee jim- a hot stud at my school ..... NO ONE GIVES A FUCKING CRUSTY ASSHOLE YOU DUMB CUNT STAIN
by i love my mom May 4, 2003
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