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A popular term used in Miami to describe or specify a gay male.
“All the ponks was out last night for pride”
“That ponk was doing too much
by miamian August 16, 2019
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Beter bekend as 'n Poes Zonk. Dit is wanneer 2 hande teen mekaar gedruk word en dan word die voorkant by 'n dame se vagina ingeslaan as 'n grap as sy nie kyk nie. Almal lag altyd lekker. Handskoene word aanbeveel as sy 'n mini aan het.
Kyk hoe buk Gretel by Cindy se tafel, ek gaan haar gou gaan ponk
by Vuilbek April 8, 2019
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A Jewish/Brooklyn/New York slang for Marijuana and the illegal usage of this substance.
im gonna grind up the ponk...pass the binger mush!
by Ninety Eight 98 August 30, 2010
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Yo, didja see Ponk in Secrets and Pies?
Yah, bruh, she went absolutely fucking nuts!
by Arkadios200 February 2, 2019
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Ponk is a munecraft youtuber most famous with his work on the dream smp he is missing one arm canonically and in reall life is a very little man but we all accept him even on tommy's land.
Ponk does literally anything

Tubbo " Ponk go Bonk "
And he do be going bonk
by Outcasted6059 April 16, 2021
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Ponk - The art of finding and identifying species, associated most with inverts but will cover all groups of taxa.

From the original term - Piddly Ponk.
"Off to the woods for a ponk" or "Going out ponking"
by WilEPonka April 25, 2014
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Better known as a "PoesZonk". A zonk is when you put your hands together and shove them into the anus of a person that is looking the other way as a joke. A Ponk is when you do it with a girl on the vagina from behind when she is not looking. Everyone always laughs and laughs. Gloves are recommended when she is wearing a skirt.
Look how Cindy is leaning forward at Gretel's desk, I am quickly going to "ponk" her before she turns around.
by Vuilbek April 8, 2019
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