To show extreme emotion in either happiness or shock. From the root word crazy with a "country grammar" accent.
Sometimes pronounced:"Coooazy!"
Yo Dwayne, that foo's got some twankies on his ride nig'.

Aah, fo sho, mayn dats' some cwazy shit.
by omar March 31, 2004
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To refer to someone who says or acts ridiculous or stupid.
D: I like to smell toe jam.

S: ur cwazy
by tom chan March 30, 2008
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1) Acting in a particular manner that to outsiders may seem peculiar or strange.
2) The language, similar to "baby talk", is the common dialect of da cwazys.
1)You are so cwazy all da time.
2)Hey, you are just talking cwazy!
by halfp1nt69 September 13, 2007
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Said to say someone is crazy....must be used in a happy positive enviornment
person 1- DWO Cwazy!
person 1- DOW DOW DOW!!! DWO CWAZY~
by Allifer January 12, 2005
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used to describe insanity and homosexuallism at the same time, hence the 'cwazy' instead of 'crazy'.
"Wow, you'we cwazy. You'we cwazy like a moose!"
by Mike November 28, 2003
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