3 definitions by VscoSkrrSkrr

Aaron is a brat, he rejects people, even giving him gifts, omg, dont like aaron, but, some people named aaron are good, but some are bad
Aaron is a brat
by VscoSkrrSkrr December 5, 2019
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when someone cuts you off, for example, you were friends, best friends, then he/ she stops talking to you.
“Why did you cut me off?”
by VscoSkrrSkrr June 22, 2020
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Bangs mean like a hair in front of your face at the top, for some reason, to cover your forehead or just to be popular etc.. Another term is bangs, it is like gun bangs like boom boom!
Example 1- I got my new bangs today!
Example 2- I heard some bangs outside, please be safe and lock all the doors.
by VscoSkrrSkrr October 6, 2019
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