A false term used by people on Shakedown Street to imply that they are somehow more into the scene or more entitled to be there. The users of this word are likely to feel as though other peoples property is not of value and will willingly steal said property whether it be a family heirloom or an internet stream.
You see all the Custies out here bro! Let's take them for all they got.
by Scobi-Wan Kenobi December 10, 2017
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A derogetory word used to describe entiled and dulwitted customers
The dumassery these custies pull is on the edge of jackassery.
by regulatorysupreme February 16, 2023
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crusty and pussy(<resembling or containing pus)
Lisa- My, my gregory. Your wound has acquired quite a thick layer of cust.
Gregory- Indeed Lisa, it HAS grown quite custy.
by liz77 March 13, 2008
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Vehicle customization
I can’t imagine how nice of a Custy would a blue S1000RR would be! Or even a Red AMG One.
by Generxl_Shxdow3 March 11, 2023
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Custom. Customized. Any item that any of you nerds have ever purchased on the lot was custy af. Thats why you bought it. Customers are not custy. Everybody is a customer, but not everything is custy.
My homie made some custy hat pins and i accidentally ate one, then i took a custy shit and sold it to a customer. Then the customer held my custy turd above his head and shouted “CUSTOMERS ARE NOT CUSTY.”
Those were his last words before he ran into the flames at Burning Man.
by Vape Whistle December 31, 2022
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the word custy is a word my friend and i worked on..me being the famous Kris..it means crusty and flakey on the outside and soft and warm on the inside!
(1)that is one custy piece of shit.
(2)ewww that french vagina is too custy for moi.
by Kristoffer1818 September 27, 2007
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A custy is a person who smokes a lot of marijuana on a day to day basis . It is largely associated with teens who smoke regularly. Also related to the term “pot head” . This word was developed in Brooklyn, New York .
“Damn, that girl’s a custy . All she do is smoke .”
by Informativeuser201 April 21, 2021
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