burps that taste of the semen for the guy guy blew before

can repeat on your the rest of the day !
kim: i'm never giving steve head again i've been curping since 7am.

leah: eewww! brush your teeth!

kim: i did , and i drank some water !

leah: wow that sucks ! lol

kim: bitch!
by naughty-nexus October 27, 2011
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A curp is when you cough and burp at the same time
Dude you know that feeling when you need to cough and burp? ...A Curp!!

This blunt is so dank it made me curp
by sativastar December 16, 2018
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When something is creepy, or weird. It could be used for people, objects, or situations.
Guy 1: Look at that mysterious guy with the hood, he looks like an axe murderer

Guy 2: Curps.
by stephskillz May 10, 2009
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n. the noise made when air escapes from the vagina. another word for pussy fart, or quif. cunt burp.
v. to make the noise of air escaping the vagina. i.e. curping
"It was all good til she let out a nasty curp!"

"It was all going so well until I curped!"
by me7778888 August 04, 2006
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to mess something up awfully
Person 1: I think i curped something.
*currently outside*
by Futuramafan123 December 20, 2020
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Cum burp; a burp that occurs after ingestion of cum where the taste of or a bit of cum rises up.
I was just talking to John Travolta and Tom Cruise when Tom curp right in my face!
by JBinNClol February 06, 2011
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