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Slang term for one of the best tasting melons.
Thirty years ago my cousin Jim was about 18 and he came home about 4 in the morning, and he was kind of drunk, and his Dad was standing there in the kitchen and Jim said, "Dad, do we have any cuntaloupe?" and his Dad said, "Jim, you've been hanging around Andy too much"
by andy1 June 04, 2005
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The large bubble in a woman's pants directly below her belt. The name is derived from the visual similarity to a cantaloupe being stuffed into the woman's pants around the "cunt". It is usually found in overweight middle aged women who work in various office settings. See also FUPA.
I went to the dentist today and when the receptionist stood up it looked like a canteloupe was stuffed in the front of her pants. She had a huge cuntaloupe.
by BigSmooth13 November 15, 2007
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Someone who is a "rude ass" and smells like a dirty cunt and rotten cantaloupe. Cuntaloupes tend to like rotten fruit and their breathes smell like dirty vagina.
"Hey what's up man?"
"Nothing much wh... What the fuck is that smell?"
"I just finished eating fruit salad with my girlfriend after I ate her out."
"Nigguh... You're a cuntaloupe!" Here's a Tic-Tac."
by Oranjuhlo March 13, 2015
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A mixture of cunt + cantaloupe when you're angry at a friend but you don't want to seem rude so you say it's an autocorrect.
"What did you just call me?"
"lol sorry autocorrect i meant we need cantaloupes for the party"
"Oh aight no probs"
by fuegosenpai February 10, 2018
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A lukewarm cantaloupe intended for pleasing a lonely person...let your imagination wander......
I did not have sexual intercourse with my date last night, so I got with my "Cuntaloupe" instead... (pelvic thrust)
by austinrobinandrew August 05, 2011
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