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a pickled cucumber which is made by inserting a cucumber into a cunt and leaving it there for several days.
that cunt pickle tasted like fish...
by shiiv November 27, 2009
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1. A slang term for the penis.
2. A dirty, sandy, nasty vagina.
3. A person who is a cunt and a dick all at the same time. (A very effeminate ass-hole)
1. I stuck my cuntpickle in her va-gee-gee.
2. Dude, that bitch has a nasty cuntpickle.
3. Cody Huffine is a cuntpickle.
by ArL0 Prizes December 07, 2006
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an old, crazy, cockeyed old republican woman. frequently lies about everything for no personal gain. these women are so uptight that an actual penis starts forming inside of their vagina that never will fully develop. it becomes very sour and pickle like inside of the walls of the demon ladies' vag, hence making it a cunt pickle. Women with cunt pickles are referred to as cunt pickles.
R: Haha, did you hear that DD's car got broken into?
S: Hahaha, that's fucking awesome, she's such a cunt pickle.
by BenCutwright April 13, 2008
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A word used to describe someone who resembles both a cunt and a dick. The pickle being synonamous with a dick, so effectively it is someone who is a cuntdick, however, cuntpickle sounds better
Steve: "Your are such a cunt pickle!!!!"
Arty: "Yeah well..... screw you!!!!"
Steve: " Yeah that's right you damn cunt pickle, you can't even come up with a come back."
by captainpeniswrinkle June 14, 2009
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