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cummage is a term that defines an explosive orgasm. when one reaches a state of an exquisite climax and surpassed a mediocre cum. cummage is a term to describe a much more violent cum in the female genitalia region whether that be by the stimulus of the g-spot or by clitoral stimulation (cunnilingus) it can similarily represent an action of 'squirting' or 'spilling' her vaginal juices after multiple orgasms. it is the high intensity of the orgasm that differentiates the simple act of cumming and cummage.
i experienced a massive cummage that was building up during sexual intercourse. my pussy was so wet it just exploded all over the bed. what a cummage!
by legeisha June 03, 2010
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When you have huge ejaculation and the force of your cum causes damage to something in the house
I was banging Maria last night and as I blew my load sideways over her tits my cum knocked the photo frame off her bedside table – caused some serious cummage
by Cumm dumpa June 30, 2013
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Referring to a female who seems like, or can, make you cum within 30 seconds.
Bro, that girl is so hot she has some serious cummage. When i got in bed with her i knew she had cummage as soon as i saw her naked.
by SpazzMazz February 05, 2011
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The discharge produced by both parties during marathon sex session
When he withdrew, they were both covered in large amounts of cummage.
by MisssssH May 08, 2016
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