7 definitions by Tigermoff

British - To relax the sphincter, thus releasing a noxious emission of Methane into the atmosphere.

American - Aunturage of a cheesy whatsit.
*ParrrrP* Pardon me, I've cut the cheese again. Another murmur from the Trump Administration.
by Tigermoff July 13, 2018
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To stuff a bum'ol up to the wrist, with a fist.
I gave her the 'ol orafist last night. She's not been able to fart since.
by Tigermoff August 19, 2023
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yoga pants look a little tight. You can see the outline of her foof hoof.
by Tigermoff August 31, 2020
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When you flop your cock out into your hand whilst beckoning your lover to come eat the sausage from your palm foods outlet.
Tracy crawled over as soon as she saw the size of Jimmy's palm foods.
by Tigermoff May 27, 2022
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When cum dries in the hair to make it stick out like Worsal's straw wig.
Pulled it out of her mouth and jazzed in her barnet. Ten minutes later she looked like Worsal Cummage.
by Tigermoff October 21, 2019
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Body Off Baywatch Face Off Crime Watch
Check out that BOBFOC over there. Defiantly a double bagger while you're stoking that fire place.
by Tigermoff September 1, 2017
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