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1. A person farting moments after his partner finishes inside him/her.

2. A term used as to have the last word in a lame insult competition.

3. The outcome of your flatulence if you're put behind bars and have a pretty face.
Example 1:
Jack and Jake are in the tub. Jack cums in Jake

Jack: "I'll be right back to blow you, don't finish without me."

3min later Jack returns only to find the tub water murky in cum....

Jack: I thought I told you to wait

Jake: I did, I just farted...

Example 2:

-You're a dickwipe
-Oh yeah? Well you're a Cumfarter! ...I win!
by aristophaneftw1 November 17, 2011
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A faggot or hetero woman who takes it up the ass
Oh fuck, "Did you hear that cumfarter fart? It sounded like,"Woof, phleef"
by juana phuck January 07, 2006
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A male or female that, after recieving anal sex from one or more partners in which they ejaculate and leave their wad inside the anus, begins to fart. This causes bubbles of dookie and fresh baby batter to froth out of the anus. These are real farts not to be mistaken as anal queefs.
When the pornstar finished her 500 person gangbang. She stood up and bellowed out a raunchy cloud. She is a true cumfarter.
by my mind IS the gutter! August 19, 2017
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