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1. When a male or female has just had anal sex and they proceed to fart afterwards.

2. After one cums in their partners ass, their partner proceeds to fart. This usually ends up causing a bit of a splatter. Sometimes a neat sound effect.

3. A kind of porno, usually consisting of a male and a female. THe male buttfucks her and she farts cum.
Man 1: Oh dude it was so nasty!
Man 2: What?
Man 1: I was having anal sex with Jenny last night and about 5 minutes later she lets out this enormous cum fart
Man 2: That is nasty...

2. "Dude did you here about Jenny last night...she cum farted right after fucking mike."

Go to google.
Type in cum farters
Click on one of the links.
Try to watch it.
by MoRPHiNe June 04, 2006
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Upon having sex with a females anal cavity, and expelling your man juice inside the cavernous hole, the girl is prompted to fart, launching an explosion of semen out of the region.
Becky released a massive cumfart once Tyler had finished pumping her anus.
by Eddie Doom April 30, 2006
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A secretion of male ejaculate that exits the anus while farting, sometime after anal sex. It could be right after the sex or five hours later.

Standing in line for the subway, Jennie realized that she was now sporting a stain left by her cum fart.
by Sallys March 23, 2006
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1. The act of farting out cum out of your bum after anal sex.

2. A person acting as undesirable and disgusting as a cumfart.
1. "Yah baby, I'm going to make you cumfart so hard right now."

2. "Dan, don't be such a cumfart."
by CumfartQueen October 26, 2011
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The uniquely smelling fart that came from an ass that has cum fermenting inside of it.
The hike in the Alps was daunting but was made especially trying by Alex's cum farts

Those yogurt packages are so yummy but they give me the cum farts
by 123 Fake Boner October 13, 2009
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When one man ejaculates presumably in another males bootyhole, the other man then begins farting until it spews out like a volcano. At this point he does a backbend letting it leak out into a bowl pre filled with his favorite cereal and then eats it as a desert.
Come on Robert I’m hungry let’s cum fart
by Kamron the meme man March 15, 2018
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As described in the podcast Comedy Bang Bang, when an individual who collects cum in his anal cavity is then asked by his girlfriend to impregnate her, he uses a Cum Fart, ie. farting the cum into the girlfriend pussy.
Her: Honey is about time for us to start a family.
Him: Open wide, the cum fart is a-cumming!
by Beaver Pelt Collector March 05, 2012
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