A dirty slut from your local town. The town whore.
by Master Shakero November 12, 2006
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a small chuddy jewbat who hibernates in the chess department.
cumdog, slumdog, rcdog
by ery5yeryhsdrhs March 13, 2009
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when a man cums on your dick in a vertical line, and gives you a blowjob
“… so after Bert nutted on my penis, he sucked me off and did the ol’ cumdog”
by pucco February 2, 2021
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When you cum in the crease of someone's arse and slurp it up
I preformed the CUMDOG on that bitch and ran
by DigitalR January 26, 2022
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A man who cums on a girl’s face, then makes it rain dollar bills all over her face and watches them stick to her...makes him feel like a fucking millionaire...that sly cumdog
Last night I covered her face...first with my cum, then with my money...that’s right, baby, I’m her cumdog millionaire
by Daisy O’Toole March 4, 2018
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A derogatory term for a promiscous or whorrish person (typically female). A derivation of the critically aclaimed film Slumdog Millionaire. It implies the person it describes has had sex millions of times.
I heard Jeff got laid last night.
Yeah but it was with a Cumdog Millionaire.
Oh well she looked slutty I guess.
by mellowfellow February 26, 2009
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