Something that should be restored.
“They said the age of the Snyderverse will never be restored.”
“It will. It has too."
by T-8-0-0 June 2, 2021
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Upcoming book about batjune (junior grimes Batman) who ends up traveling through timelines or alternate universes where he encounters batfleck (ben affleck Batman) AND the beloved Nolan Batman (Christian bale Batman) as batjune must stop the evil WB studios from destroying all of the multiverse.
Batjune is the main protagonist of said book who regards Nolan Batman and batfleck as the GOAT who act as mentors to the younger Batman.

Batman into the snyderverse is DCs into the spiderverse

The most anticipated comic book is almost here “Batman into the snyderverse”
by Gibbygeo February 11, 2022
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Movement started by Logan grimes (aka twitter bae) after the fans won and received the snyder cut, because it was inevitable, merely ONE SINGLE JUSTICE LEAGUE film wasn’t ever going to be enough so the fans continued and mercilessly hashtagged “RestoreTheSnyderVerse” and for good reason.

Since WB robbed us of something incredible, a superhero version of lord of the rings if you will, so yes.

Despite the mediocre DCEU mainstream stuff these days, Snyder’s vision deserves to be completed.

And fuck WB, sure Shazam and aquaman are great, BUT we still deserve batfleck and Superman to continue the DCEU, With snyder there’s no direction. There can be both, but MOSTLY Snyder’s batfleck and Superman MUST REIGN SUPREME.

even non snyder cultists must agree that it must happen

Because unlike Warner bros (WB) mcu DOES give the fans what they want (usually)
Geralt of snyderverse is an avid “Restore the SnyderVerse” supporter and Logan supports him openly

The snyder fanbase WILL NEVER GIVE IN and WILL mop the floor with WB as will discovery once the merger finishes and they retrieve their great prize

Restore The SnyderVerse

by Zzzztrip February 6, 2022
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A movement made by people who are in denial that Zack Snyder isn’t going to make dc movies anymore.
Man I can’t wait for justice league part 2.
Bro they won’t restore the Snyderverse. It’s time to move on.
by CapaldiDoc July 13, 2021
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