2 definitions by panuela gomez

1. sucking on some brown eye
2. getting a mouth full of poop shoot
3. making out with the butthole
4. sticking your tounge in the wrong hole
5. tolling the salad
6. what the make you do in county
i went to sizzlers and they gave me culero salad
by panuela gomez April 29, 2003
1. cottage cheese ass
2. ass hangs off your hamstring
4. opposite of "merrils" beutiful booty
5. when you butt sags and it has dimples
6. Bad case of the kahn...gene mix is supposed to give you a big ass but then it looks like a deflated hto air balloon
7. your ass hangs more than your 90 year old grandmas tits
"fuck you she's cool" even though shes got a nasty ass colorga
by panuela gomez April 29, 2003