A variety of especially hot hipsters in tha downtown. This may include BMORE, HoCo, Brokklyn, da BX, DC, and Fulton (see “fultonites”). Cuckoo Flyys may be seen in any of various sexual positions (they currently hold the world record for banging longest-74 hours!) and/or bumping and grinding in special Cuckoo Flyy clubs. Avid street performers, Cuckoo Flyys also have especially good miming talents and often use their ability to appear completely mute to take advantage of little old ladies and crack dealers. While not involved with drugs usually, Cuckoo Flyys are some crAZyyyy mofos man.
Brenae Fletcher and Austin's girlfriend are such cuckoo flyys.
by Cuckoo Mamaaa January 4, 2006
somme one in a group of people but not liked by them
i hate the place .. i was like a cuckoo in the nest.
by imy maniolia October 21, 2017
Living in ones own dream world, where everything is perfect...
He's living in Cloud Cuckoo Land
by LaylaRose March 18, 2010
Homer Simpson's nickname for *, AWOL George, Shrub, Miserable Failure, Cimpy McCokespoon, Dumbya, etc. (George W Bush)
Marge: Bart, I love you, but sometimes I don’t love your choices. (sigh) Now we have to find another school for you.

Homer: Yeah, and if you get kicked out of that one you’re going straight in the army where you’ll be sent straight to America’s latest military quagmire. Where will it be? North Korea? Iran? Anything’s possible with Commander Cuckoo-Bananas in charge.
by FarceOfNature2005 May 18, 2005
When someone acts kooky, nuts, wacky, insane or a screwball.
The football fans were acting cuckoo banana bread over the bad call.
by CNA Monster January 30, 2020
A plain old cuckoo/weirdo person.
Bruh, why are you acting so Cuckoo Mr. Dog”
by Yadina Riddle May 30, 2021
When people are put in a house and are all fucked by the same man
Hey,last night I got fucked real hard in cuckoo house
by Joseph Walsh June 13, 2017