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Made famous by Manny on Degrassi its used to ask someone "have you lost it?","are you insane?" or "crazy"
"omg,you asked that loser out,have you gone cuckoo banannas?!"
by emilyyyyyyyyyy June 20, 2007
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its a catch phrase manny santos from degrassi TNG uses alot
it means crazy in a cool, girlish, fun way
hello cuckoo bananas, im gonna go cuckoo bananas
by DR. JT YORKE January 8, 2010
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n. A usually innocent or normal occurrence or action that results in terrible consequences. Usually having to do with being physically hurt or verbally abused.
Contemporary Example: Bob smoked a cigarette on the corner and threw it into a trash can and walked away. The next morning he returned for another smoke to find the building on the corner had burned down. His Cigarette caused an orphanage to burn down. His smoke was Hitler Cuckoo.

Classic Example: Romeo and Juliet, and love that ends up causing the deaths of many people. Some loves are Hitler Cuckoo.
by R.E.D Blue July 8, 2009
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a saying used to call somebody an extreme version of crazy
She ran a mile on a whim. Her friends said "She is Cuckoo Bananas."
by Knuttelman May 1, 2009
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Of a child with uncertain parentage, much a kin to the cuckoo laying its eggs in another birds nest
Fucking hell, whys daves kid black, he's an albino? Dunno but by the looks of his mam I think the bairns a cuckoo's egg
by GAV October 22, 2003
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To repeatedly froth the male ejaculate through the teeth to create an aerated foam before rejecting it.
Claire is nasty - she didn't swallow but she did cuckoo spit
by helenearth January 5, 2012
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When you pick a big booger and put it into a passed out persons nose.....laying the cuckoo egg
When you pick a big booger and put it in a passed out persons nose....laying the cuckoo egg
by the don don March 21, 2014
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