Not simply a man who's wife/girlfriend cheats on him, but rather a man who actually gets aroused by knowing or seeing her in sexual situations with other men, such as flirting, kissing, fondling, or sex. In particular, situations where he is NOT participating but instead marginalized, just observing, or even completely ignored.
You should have seen Frank smiling as his wife was flirting with other men at the club, even allowing them to grope her; I swear it was giving that crazy cuckhold a hard-on.
by D13732 August 2, 2008
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A cuckhold, originating from various American slang, is a man whose wife has been "around the block"
Bobby Joe was justified as a cuckhold in cutting Jebediah in half with a chainsaw because Jeb had slept with Bobby's wife.
by DrumsofWar/Taospark March 31, 2003
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A man that chooses/requests that a woman abuse him in any variety of ways. May or maynot include: physical, financial, sexual, or emotional. Rarely includes actual sex, which is the key seperation between a woman who has a cuckhold and your typical dominant-prostitute.
I know a domme that has several cuckholds, they support her financially; and she gets to abuse them in any way she pleases.
by Jena Nicole September 7, 2006
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Often times appears in a toxic relationship in wich the woman takes advantage of the man who fell in love with her by demanding materialistic things. Sometimes this event can lead up to the point where the man has to break contact between him and his friends. (RIP to my homie Pat)
M: Dude i just bought her a new car and she still won't let me hit!
A: Dude! You're being cuckholded!


M: Sorry guys i can't hang tonight. She said im not allowed to.
A: Are you going to have sex?
M: Nah dude don't think so she said i will have to wait. But tomorrow for sure!
A: Dude you're being cuckholded!
by KysBuddy July 1, 2020
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The act of getting pleasure by watching your significant other engaging in sexual behavior with a third party person
Ryan Carruthers sure does enjoy the act of cuckholding
by Bergeron37 November 27, 2021
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A man that watches his wife perform unfaithful activities.
by fwvon October 16, 2019
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The moron decided he wanted some cuckholding experience, but the Cuckolding Princess laughed at him when he got the word wrong.
by Cuckolding Princess November 2, 2011
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