monotonous office environment characterized by white collar slaves wasting there lives in pseudo-offices with four foot walls while slowly morphing into zombies.
After 3 hours in the cubicle farm, i could feel my brain turning into a mushy mass of rotten pudding-like material.
by eus091142 December 19, 2003
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Like a real farm, except where you normally have pigs and cows wandering in fenced-off pens, you have white-collar drones wandering (mentally) in walled-off cubicles. Every so often, the (farmer) boss comes by to harvest the fruits of the farm, whether they are eggs, milk or TPS reports.
On a clear day, the neat rows of cubicles at PathETech Inc. seemed to stretch for miles.
by Zip September 3, 2004
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A fucking workplace hell where you are trapped 9-5 in a cubicle crunching numbers or whatever with not animals, but shit ass workers that hate thier job as the attaction
a cubicle farm may be worse than school if i say so myself
by DizzyLizzy January 30, 2007
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A vast expanse of contemporary office space outfitted with box-like, synthetic personal work environments comprised of approximately 3.3 sides and lacking doors and ceilings. These cubicles are easy and inexpensive to assemble and their lack of privacy promotes comraderie among a sea of anonymous co-workers. Notably, a cubicle farm is where middle managers are grown.
Once he started complaining about pain in his hands from typing, we transferred him to the most unbearable cubicle farm on campus with the hope that he'd quit before going on disability.
by August 12, 2004
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A monotonous office environment characterized by approximately 3.3 walls, no doors and ceilings in attempt to make you feel like you have private space. Generally white-collar drones wandering off (mentally) in hope of making it through the week without aggravating the farmer (boss).
John found his mind wandering to the hot girl down the row in the cubicle farm.
by Daydreamin15 February 19, 2015
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a mass expanse of modular office furniture (a.k.a. cubicles)
In a spiteful mood, Fred went crop dusting through the cubicle farm.
by silvergatlin October 1, 2003
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