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Cross between a chodemaster and a douche. See "scrunt"
C'mon scrodes, let's roll!
by Zip August 24, 2021
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When one stands up in his/her own bed, urinates on every nearby surface, and proceeds to lay down in said urine for a good nights rest.
Haha ... omg I can't believe Cheesman got the Popen last night!
by Zip February 7, 2003
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a ghetto-slang way to say hooter
Where's the hoot, brotha?
by Zip April 25, 2005
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An internet service provider, who's software suite is written like a hardcore virus.
OMG if AOL tries to dial after I close the program one more time I'm going to strangle my monitor!!
by Zip April 25, 2005
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Like a real farm, except where you normally have pigs and cows wandering in fenced-off pens, you have white-collar drones wandering (mentally) in walled-off cubicles. Every so often, the (farmer) boss comes by to harvest the fruits of the farm, whether they are eggs, milk or TPS reports.
On a clear day, the neat rows of cubicles at PathETech Inc. seemed to stretch for miles.
by Zip September 3, 2004
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from mxc or most extreme elimination challenge, a TNN show based on the Japanese game show Takeshi's castle. said when host Vic Romano agrees with other host, Kenny Blankenship.
"When you grab that shaft, Vic, you have to use both hands!"
"Right you are Ken!"
by Zip August 28, 2004
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