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aversion to texts or messages written in cypher; hatred of cryptograms.
The officer does not like to send messages in cypher; he has an irrantional sense of cryptophobia.
by uttam maharjan March 18, 2010
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The irrational fear of viewing your crypto portfolio because if you do, you'll realise that you've lost all your money
Friend - "Hey how's your crypto trading going?"

You - "Yeah fine. Great. Good. I think"

Friend - "Can you show me how it works? I mean how much do you have invested?"

You - "I'd love to but my login isn't working at the moment and I have RSI in all my fingers and toes so can't reset it"

Friend - "I have a therapist who deals with cryptophobia - I'll give you their number"
by Davrot January 17, 2018
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