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The irrational fear of viewing your crypto portfolio because if you do, you'll realise that you've lost all your money
Friend - "Hey how's your crypto trading going?"

You - "Yeah fine. Great. Good. I think"

Friend - "Can you show me how it works? I mean how much do you have invested?"

You - "I'd love to but my login isn't working at the moment and I have RSI in all my fingers and toes so can't reset it"

Friend - "I have a therapist who deals with cryptophobia - I'll give you their number"
by Davrot January 17, 2018
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aversion to texts or messages written in cypher; hatred of cryptograms.
The officer does not like to send messages in cypher; he has an irrantional sense of cryptophobia.
by uttam maharjan March 18, 2010
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Those who are users of Fiat currency and have a distrust and misunderstanding of Cryptocurrency. These individuals can be Cryptophobic if they are unable to dismantle their bias for Central Banking currencies and see Crypto for what it can be.
Googling "Is Bitcoin a bubble"; "Is Bitcoin a Ponzi"; "Bitcoin is a scam"; if youre googling these things or if these things run through your mind you might be afflicted with Cryptophobia.
by TheSmallTownSwagMan June 10, 2018
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