A very annoying, itchy feeling that one gets when they don't wipe their ass properly/completely. Sometimes you can wipe until there's no shit left but still suffer from this condition. Oftentimes this condition comes involuntarily and is not usually a result of lacking anal hygiene.

One way to counter-act this feeling is wiping with a wet cloth.
I had explosive diarrhea earlier today and it was impossible to wipe. I thought I got it all but the itchy sensation in my crack foretold of my incoming crusty ass.
by anus_ganus November 1, 2014
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Dried up shit that gets smeared arond the ass and drys the next level up from winnets
I got so wasted last night i woke up with a crusty ass
by carl richie August 11, 2007
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To care about someone but not wanting to directly tell them
Shut your crusty ass up, I want to help you!
by Leoknowsitall March 3, 2021
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A nigga so crusty, "ass" is a new type of measurement created to show how crusty the nigga is. The word "ass" (short for ass-load) represents the over-flowing amount of crust a nigga may possess. An infinite amount of excessive dank crust whopping in the veins of said nigga.
He/She is a crusty ass nigga.

You's a crusty ass nigga.

Wow, what a crusty ass nigga.

They have inherited a Crusty ass-load of nigga.

Imma crusty ass nigga.

We are all crusty ass niggas.
by eXcaliber.50 June 14, 2014
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when someone takes a mean shit and doesnt wipe corretly to the point where their ass is so crusty it bleeds when you wipe it and smells lik chewbacca took a shit in your anus
person 1- that guys walking really weird and smells like ass

person 2- yea he's got the bad case of a crusty ass rash
by killern9ne October 16, 2012
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a nasty slut bitch that doesn't bath. one who fucks any thing that sits still long enough.
billys' mom is a crusty ass bitch
by scotty carr May 1, 2003
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n. Residual shit between ones ass crack, due to improper wiping techniques, which dries to cause severe anal discomfort, physical activity can exagerate such effects.
Yo dude, I gotta stop and take a shower. I've got a haggard crusty ass deamon kickin. All this Dance Dance Revolution is rubbin it raw bro.
by grundlemychuzzle February 15, 2005
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