A series of conflicts (1096-1204) in which European conscripts called by the Catholic Church attempted to conquer the Holy Land. The First Crusade (1096-1099) was actually an answer to the Byzantine Empire's (the surviving eastern half of the Roman Empire, and the largest Christian country at the time) call for assistance fighting the Muslims. Pope Urban II asked the Catholics to go on an "armed pilgrimage" to the Holy Land and establish a kingdom there. This call wasn't answered by any monarchs, and very few nobles or knights. For the most part, the "crusaders" were an angry mob of commoners such as peasants, merchants, and prostitutes. Somehow this mob managed to establish a kingdom in Jerusalem, which later fell to the Muslims. The Second Crusade (1147-1149) was a bit better organized, but was met with heavy Muslim resistance. The Third Crusade (1189-1192) was answered by King Richard I of England, King Philip II of France, and Frederick I Barbarossa of the Holy Roman Empire (Germany). Frederick drowned in a river on the way to the Holy Land, and Philip and Richard began fighting among themselves. The Fourth Crusade (1202-1204) was the last major one. These crusaders weren't even after the Holy Land this time; they sought to defeat the Byzantine Empire, and thus were fighting other Christians.
The fact that the Crusades even happened is sadly ironic, as Jesus' teachings were of love and peace.
by MX December 16, 2003
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War fought by Western Europe to stop the encroching Muslium Armies of the East, also to regain Spain from the earlier Muslium conquest.
Due to the Attack on the Byzentine Empire the Roman Pope called for a Crusade to help the Eastern Empire defend itself.
by wes July 24, 2003
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What President Bush says when he forgets his scripted answer and makes an accidental allusion to the most significant form of religious imperialism of all time.
Reporter: Well Mr. Bush, what are we going to do about these terrorists?

Bush: Well, we're going to conduct a crusade...

Reporter: *Cringe*
by JP May 01, 2004
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Phrase used by right-wing conservative teenagers. Mostly boys. Used in context to purge annoyances.
Hey these libtard thots are getting on my nerves we need to go on another crusade.
These stupid freshmen think they are funny, we need another crusade.
by B O O F passer May 13, 2019
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Letting fake members into a group chat to quickly. Then creating an organization to eliminate these people from society and the group chat.
by shenyunsavior December 26, 2019
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A time of war between the Christians and Muslims who both shared very different religions. The Christians believed they were taking their holy land back from the Muslims on the other hand Muslims proceeded to take the land that was of the Christians.
The crusades occurred during the 11th and 12th centuries.
by Wallace hormone December 10, 2018
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