A two-way motorboat. When two girls laying in the 69 positing each motorboat the other.
Dude, that lesbian film is awesome - there's even a cruise ship scene!
by A Bobby August 25, 2006
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A huge ship full of nightclubs, restaurants, pools, and staterooms with gorgeous views. Cruises are basically a free pass to hook up with a different person every night and party 24/7 without being judged. It's great because you'll never see the girl who held your hair as you puked your guts out that one night, or the guys who had to watch, ever again.
Clueless peasant: What did you do for spring break?
Tanned rich kid: I went on a cruise.
Clueless peasant: Didn't you get bored being on a cruise ship for a whole week?
Tanned rich kid: Let's see, I went to a different island every day, partied till 4 AM every night, and was handed everything on a silver platter... yeah, it was awful.
by cruisechickkkk April 04, 2009
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another name for a swinger party
Margarito was a regular at his town cruise ships when a woman by the name of Margarita showed up. Yea end of story.
by pbrgirl September 23, 2005
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Motor boat on a fat man or female with saggy breasts with wide cleavage.
I bet all the ladies love to give Bill Parcells and Charlie Weis The Cruise Ship.
by Kyle Turley October 14, 2006
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an amazing place where you meet lots of coolgood looking people that you normally wouldn't have known. on a cruise you can enjoy the sun and have fun with the new friends taht you meet from al over the world that you could have never met anywhere else. cruises change your life...
i went on a cruise ship and made five really good friends that i have known for about a year and they are amazing.
by that red head October 15, 2006
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A place that has everything you can do on land, but with the added excitement of possibly sinking or drowning.
Eddie - "Ben, I don't know how I feel about this cruise ship."

Ben - "Did you watch the Titanic again?"

Eddie - "Well..."

Ben - "It's the Bahamas, Eddie! Where is there going to be
an iceberg?!"


Eddie - "Told you so..."

*Boat sinks
by YsGuy August 29, 2010
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The same as motorboating a girls breasts but the girls boobs are large
"Jake: I am going to cruise ship this girl tonight!"

"Matt: always knew you liked big boobs jake"
by JamesonBeer August 21, 2015
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