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someone who exudes a general aura of 'badness' could be described with the word 'crothers'
person 1: wow did you see that....crothers!
person 2: BAD.
person 2: FAIL
person 2: DIAF
by Merl Haggard June 25, 2008
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any reference to a person or thing that ruins your day at the mention of it.
person 1: that reminds me of the time you walked in on your parents....
person 2: thanks, crothers....that just ruined my day
by QuantumSteven May 21, 2009
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A nigga from your gang that you TIGHT as fuck with. The gang is usually a gang of "crips".
Person 1: Yo DeAndreominiqua, what's gucci my nigga?
DeAndreominiqua: You know, just chillin' wit my crothers. Bustin some caps. Same ol' same ol'.
by timster1296 February 27, 2017
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A crother is someone who is technically a cousin, but has spent so much time with you during your life that you consider him a brother. So, he is your crother. Most people will likely not understand the strong connection or make sense of the relationship.
Oh, Rich? Yeah, he's my crother. It's my cousin brother. You wouldn't understand.
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