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The crotchal region includes anything between the love trail and the taint. Can also include the exit only area (applies to guys only...except when in jail) but this only applies when the size of the foot impacting this area is over 12".

It's science.
Go ahead and try to kick me in my crotchal region and see what happens nucka.
by oldcarsbreakdown February 28, 2009
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A tear in the inseam of trousers, which, on purpose or by accident, allows for increased ventilation of the groin area.
I heard he really heats up in the groin. That hole must be to crotchalate.
by Ligua Frank-a September 1, 2015
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when a male (over a certain age) gets hit in the crotch he is crotchalated
"I got crotchalated when I sled down the hill because there was a rock in wrong places..."
by Goganthian May 2, 2008
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the ball sac in the crotchal region.

The little brother to the big brother in the crotchal region

The crotchal sac may be hairy or shaved, but if not shaved it would be considered crotchal swamp sac
"Mark, if you have inflammation of the crotchal sac then your probably are going to need anti-biotics"

"Dave: don't suck on my crotchal sac, Ive got anti-biotics for it"
by mrpcakes March 10, 2010
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