One who takes and uses a resource meant for sharing in a manner similar to a small woodland critter, like a squirrel eating food. This person may abscond with food and eat it quickly in hiding, in order to avoid it getting taken from others who may claim it as theirs.
He spotted the girl crittering food at the party and cleverly won a dinner date with her later that night.
by obx2009 June 1, 2009
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Crittering, now an extremely prestigious and rewarding sport, was born of several ingenious high schoolers at Wellsboro Area High School, which is located in northern Pennsylvania. This sport, which most heavily relies on booze, involves driving backroads all night, listening to 80's music, consuming exorbitant amounts of alcohol, and then when the time comes, running over and beating wild animals to death with sticks. The typical animal would be either a porcupine, an opposum, a rabbit, or skunk if we are feeling that hard (We usually are) The conventional weapon of choice is an object that is both heavy and blunt: medieval maces, axe handles, baseball bats, pieces of chairs with nails through them, and finally the most glorious of all weapons, the two-by-four. Camaraderie, self-sacrifice (Ed), and vehicular-sacrifice (also Ed) are also large components of crittering. When it comes down to it we just hate PETA and beat hippies. "For every animal you don't eat we're going to beat three."
"My god man, I can't believe how far that opossum flew through the air when you punted it. Crittering is the best sport on the planet!"

"It's not that I hate animals...I just really despise PETA."

by BeatHippies January 10, 2006
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Critter-critter is a game played mostly in the southern states. A even amount of boy and girl players play. When someone sees roadkill on the road, they yell out "CRITTER-CRITTER!" If a boy yells it out, all the girls must take off one article of clothing. Critter-critter.
Jacob, Johnny, Lindsey, and Chelsae are playing critter-critter at night while driving down the highway. Chelsae sees a smashed armadillo and screams critter-critter. Jacob and Johnny take off their pants.
by lil_coleman September 27, 2005
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Communicating with critters, particularly pets, as if they are small children.
This voice is usually higher pitched and contains a great deal of gibberish.
"Come here Tiger! Mommy is going to work now!! Oooohh Mommy's going to miss her 'yiddle' boy! Yes she is!!"

"Wow Lucy is getting crazy with that critterication! Does she think the dog likes it??"
by Rax1134 October 24, 2009
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1. any animal; 2. a cute, small furry animal; 3. a domestic pet; 4. nickname for a little kid; 5. nickname for a female
1. As we sat quietly, the critters became less shy about approaching our campsite. 5. She's a cute little critter.
by Maximally June 11, 2005
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A Critter is a Fan of the Geek & Sundry twitch Chanel Show 'Critical Role'
A Group Of Famous Voice Actors Who Role Play a group of Characters called 'vox machina' in a game of D&D Edition 5.
i am a Critter, a fan of critical role. oh your a true critter . #critterlove #crittercreations
by max zandison September 2, 2015
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Under the stair dwellers, can also smell. DONT GET TO CLOSE THEY WILL BITE!
Look at all those critters.
by Tipsy trev March 12, 2019
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