The continuous and everlasting voyage of living in a van, either traveling, down by a river, or partying at every bonfire you can find. Off-roading is key and animals living in the van only adds to the overall van life.
Goals include having a convoy of vanlifers.
I didn't choose the van life, the van life chose me.

Van life! (hops in van) (dog hops in van)
It's kinda cheesy over here, wanna vanlife it?
by SlackieYEP July 14, 2014
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A bad reference to thug life used by predominantly well off, good looking people who very temporarily live in a van and post lots of selfies hoping to become social influencers. This is nothing like the actual homelessness or poverty that leads people to live in vehicles, it is a privilege similar to the tiny house movement. It relies heavily on photo ops in iconic places that people only learn about on Instagram, not as actual nature enthusiasts. Most #vanlife photos are taken of skinny white blonde women in underpants “having fun” or “ just living a modest life”.
“I never knew what true freedom was until I experienced # van life” (selfie caption of young blonde girl in a thong doing yoga)
by Marina 42069 October 30, 2021
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