Crack, a mixture of cocaine and various other chemical substances.
Gotta get ma Crill. I'll suck yo dick fo some crill. Hit this crill bitch...
by Metal Face September 10, 2005
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Noun. Crack Cocaine or the act of being on drugs or having something on your mind that makes you act like you are on drugs.

The act of being sketchy with a relation to drug use.
1. You're on crills!
2. What kind of crills are you on?
3. Where'd you get those crills?
by eat-a-micro-dot December 07, 2008
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to be cracked out or to act in a cracked out way, including by scaring others; being generally grimy and gross
Nikki: It's crill that you're rocking back and forth, holding yourself, while slumped on the sidewalk here in public, Melissa.
Melissa: That's because I'm crill.
by Nuggette November 09, 2008
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from the film finding nemo, Dory 'dont be silly whales only eat crill'... 'ohh luk CRILL!!' aka a whale
* you see a huge whale like person *

'ohh luk crill!'
by L+A June 25, 2005
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