Noun -- (1) To be a creative activist. (2) To challenge conventionality using art and expressionism as your tools. (3) To creatively enact change.
Ex. #1: Don't Lose Your Day Job is home to creativist's both large and small!

Ex. #2: Kanye West is a creativist with his banned album cover.
by Scruffy McGhee October 21, 2010
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someone who is attuned creatively to their surroundings; a person who understands and expresses their life through creative works or motifs.
"Ally wrote a poem because she was sad.... Psshh, what a creativist"

"Ally: Cory made this really cool mural the other day.

John: Who does that?

Ally: You moron, he's a creativist, like me."
by Michael Dentico July 2, 2008
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(1) To actively be creative, with a short-term and/or long-term goal in mind, using a form of design. It's imperative to use "non-mainstream" techniques.

The word, "Design" should be viewed as the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.
Example 1: Steve Jobs was a true creativist, he understood the concept of real design.

Example 2: A creativist often uses design, but not the stereotype, "Interior Design".
by The Kreativist October 28, 2011
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Noun - Someone who expresses their imaginative, Creative, and Innovative thought process with enthusiasm and passion through artistic abilities, game design and more!
Kyle: "how would you define yourself as an artist"

Shanelle: "I think of myself as a Creativist"
by MuzNeo February 28, 2021
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A creativist is a person who applies creative principles, practices and processes to the art of living. See also creativism
She is a total creativist. Everything she does has a touch of magic in it.
by Orna Ross April 26, 2020
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Most creative.
"Eric you are so creative," Laura said after seeing his illustration. "You are the creativist!"
by E Rad May 8, 2020
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