The talentless job you're currently working for just to make money, while in the process of following the career path you are working on and that you actually really want.

Like a musician that wants to be a rockstar, he/she works at a cafe or some place just to get some cash in the meantime, because they're not actually rockstars yet.
Guy 1: So dude, are you a rock star yet?
Guy 2: NOPE, not yet. But in the mean time, I'M OFF TO MY day job!
by coolbeans007 February 10, 2011
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a blow job given during the day
Sarah gave Brad her best day job earlier this afternoon
by 2278 December 31, 2019
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Black Kid Day Jobs, are jobs that only inner city youth do for a day. The kids are usually transported in vans to a neighborhood near you for their daily assingment.
Black Kid Day Jobs include all of the following:

1. Selling over priced Chocolate Bars outside of stores, that sell food. They usually embarass you into buying a $2 snickers bar to raise money for fake schools or charities.

2. Placing fliers to failing Chinese Food joints and car washes, the fliers are placed in your mailbox or on your windshield. Most of the kids after delivery fliers for one block, throw the rest in the garbage.

3. Standing on busy intersections
with signs that point traffic to a "Going Out of Business" or "50% of All Jewelery" sale.
by drivingsnowstorms September 27, 2009
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An insult; meant to inform someone that they are horrible at what ever they are trying to do, and should not make a career out of it.
Chick 1: My heart will go oooon and oooon!
Chick 2: Don't quit your day job.
by Isultinator November 21, 2003
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The 13th april you should get a tit job from a girl if you are straight. Now you got an excuse to get a tit job.
Your welcome my friend! ;)
He: Can i have a tit job today? Her: Hmmmm He: its tit job day! She: OK <3
by Lanco April 10, 2019
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The male version of Valentine's Day. Per the holiday's official website at, if the guy takes care of his girl on Valentine's Day, then she makes him feel special a month later on March 14 by giving him the 2 things that men love: steak and a blowjob.
Tom: What did you do on March 14?

Bob: Susan made me a steak and then gave me an amazing blowjob.

Tom: Why?

Bob: Because I spoiled her with flowers and a nice dinner on Valentine's Day, and March 14 is Steak and a Blow Job Day.

Tom: Damn. I shouldn't have ignored my girl on Valentine's Day.

Bob: True! Hey, I posted some pics on the official Steak and BJ Day Facebook page. Go see
by Urban Guru March 15, 2015
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A day celebrated on March 14. On which the woman in a relationship is supposed to give the man a blow job after making a steak dinner.
Woman-"What's today's date?"
Man-"Steak and a blow job day! March 14,! Hooray!!!!!! I'm a carnivore with sexual needs and desires!"
by carpediem March 15, 2007
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