A beautiful, mature, and understanding girl. She is smart, has brown hair, and always looks up. She has a bad hair day, but rocks it anyways. Shanelle envys all of her other girl friends, and she witnesses their beauty unstead of her own. Shanelle hides her sadness under a smile. Everyone loves Shanelle because Shanelle has a good heart.
Other female: Why thank you Shanelle, you look beautiful as always.
Shanelle: No way!! I just got out of bed, I didn't even dress up!!

Other male: Damn Shanelle, lookin' fine.

Shanelle: I appreciate the acknowledgement, but Im not as pretty as her. *points at other female*
by Merlani Mikatowazki September 14, 2017
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Shanelle's are kind gernerous gorgeous girls. Every Guy wants to be with her and even know everyone falls for her she only wants one person usually she likes a guy with short brown hair and usually he's shorter than her. She likes loyal funny kind guys, ones that will text her Good Morning and Good Night and ask about her problems, She likes to vent and she wants a Boyfriend who can listen. She's not a player and wants a long relationship she probably is in a relationship right now, and with the guy of her dreams that she has liked for 6 years. She doesn't take crap for anyone and she will defend herself no matter what. She knows some moves and can beat anyone up if they deserve it. Long stories short Shanelle's are awesome
Wow did you see that Shanelle over there!
I have got to get me a Shanelle
by LiveYourLife☺️ March 25, 2018
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The most down to earth girl there ever is. Beautiful, but isn't cocky about it. Can be herself no matter what. Flirty, Funny, Flawless, and just god damn beautiful. Nice & sweet, but is a bitch to those who deserve it. All guys want to fuck her and all girls envy her. Although she has big boobs and a nice ass, she isn't a whore like the rest. Shanelle, every guys dream girl.
by Triballeo April 3, 2014
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Shanelle is a mature and smart. She doesn't smile alot . To be honest,I can't remember when was the last time she smiled. She is bitch but a good friend. She has high expectations of herself. SHE WAS SO DISAPPOINTED IN HERSELF EVEN THOUGH SHE COULD GO TO A GREAT SCHOOL(just wanted to say she did great). She can study for long hours without using her phone (if she is determined). She is type of girl who asks you to be their therapist and takes none of your advice( Yep the therapist is me , even tho I am not a professional one ,just doing it cuz I want to be a friend that helps her).
Time to say the things that she did for me: she comfort me when I was REALLY upset that day , to be honest I was shocked because she isn't very caring. Even though we fight , she is still my friend 👍👍👍
Shanelle is a good friend to rio(Rio is my nickname)
by Atna March 18, 2022
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A genuine girl who has frizzy hair all the time, and is always called ugly by her peirs. she likes to be alone usually, and is most comfortable when she is with her closets friends (mainly guys). usually boys have a secret crush on her, and don’t know how to tell her, so they treat her like shit. But the wonderful, kind, and happy girl is too selfless to stop people from treating her like shit. she’s quiet, and she’s very open about her feelings. a great friend to have. never loose her, she’s a keeper. and a indefinite soul mate who lives to sing, cook, and the best mom for her children
by a nice friend :) November 2, 2021
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Shanelle is so pretty,stunning and kind! She has her bitchy moments when she needs to and would take a bullet for anyone.She is the most loving and caring person that you’ve ever met!Shes so gorgeous and has a great heart every guy loves her😘
Shanelle is soo pretty wtfff😍😍🙏🏼😱
by Ava kelly November 21, 2018
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The most sweet natured, beautiful girl in the world. No one compares to her. Sent from heaven to brighten Jakes life, she makes every second a blessing and every heartbeat a joy. She is sexy and kind, loving and caring. She is perfect and I love her <3
Male 1: Hey have you seen that Shanelle chick?
Male 2: yeh, she is so sexy and gorgeous, but I think she's with that other guy :(
Male 1: what? That super attractive jake guy, the one everyone loves and respects?

Male 2: yeh that's the one.
by Jake the Pom October 23, 2013
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