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and old, grumpy and crabby woman that won't get off your case about anything...who also needs to get laid asap! most likely has a sandy vagina LOL
She's such a crumply bitch.
by torosgirl January 05, 2009
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to be an incompetent loaf means to have a serious lack of intelligence or smarts in any sense of the word whilst sitting limply and letting anyone slice, dice, or dip your lack of skills into their bowl of repeated insults...per their own pleasure and satisfaction
I'm am sick of my boss thinking I am an incompetent loaf who can do nothing but simplistic data entry!
by torosgirl February 19, 2009
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to crease during sleep; or to develop indents in the skin on the facial, arms, legs and stomach area due to the folding of blankets, pillows, arms or other bed time objects
I slept in the same position all night long and now I have these creasing marks all over my arm and face...I look like Scarface.
by torosgirl February 16, 2009
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