Verb- To be creased
Another term for laughing, also can be used as a substitute for lol in either speech or in type.
Person 1: *falls over*
Person 2: *points at person 1* haha! Creased!

Person 1: Did you see that bird crap on her?
Person 2: Yeah, I was creased!
by 1stknowledge March 1, 2011
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The result of laughing too much until your body starts to crease.
“Dude was talkin’ about a bunch a shit that made no sense… man, when I tell you that shit had me creased… bruh…”

“I ain't gon’ lie bruh… I’m hella mad… that shit was probably hella funny…”
by TrenchTrophies July 25, 2021
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To get punched resulting in a K.O. or unconciousness.
Naw man. I didnt see him get creased
by suck_my_test_tickles7 October 7, 2010
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To be pissed off/moody/in a shitty mood for seemingly no real reason
Dude, what’s got John so creased?

I don’t know man
by Plank Walk July 10, 2020
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To be angered, incensed, heated, or upset. Pissed.
Bro they took my fake from me when I tried to get in last night, I’m actually creased
by Big-slimy March 6, 2020
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To be so intoxicated as to be folded over.
That guy had so much to drink he was totally creased!
by andyinvegas December 21, 2011
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Shut down; Being owned, burned or insulted. See burnt.
"Did you see that guy get dumped?" "Yea. He just got creased!"
by Ryan360 May 19, 2007
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