word used by bloods. c replaced by b. CRACK=BRACK
crip: wuts crackin cuh.?
blood: nah blood its wuts brackin.
by grr. March 26, 2008
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British slang for cunt often used by men or dykes usually with a sarcastic or comical twist.
Can I shove a Coke up your brack. Pop your cherry, cherry Coke eh.
by talking cleavage January 22, 2007
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the combination of the colors black and brown; usually used as a color of hair; used by a Joshyboyyy frequently
Dude, I hate how my hair is brack
by StickyRiceBall March 7, 2010
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A form of back cleavage which appears in obese people. This is a Portmanteau of the words "back" and "rack". This occurs when a fat woman wears a swimsuit or bra that is too tight in the back and it squishes the back fat together to give the illusion that there are boobs on their back.
Man, did you see the brack on Kirstie Alley when she was on Oprah yesterday?
by misterbork September 9, 2009
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Mike D: damn, Erica's mom is fine.
Me: Yeah, I'd brack.
by BDogg4Twizzle June 6, 2009
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A word used as a curse, often in place of 'shit', 'damn', and, most commonly, 'fuck'.

Often used or referred to by those who are entertained by the play on logic of the 'Engrish' phenomenon.

The word is derived from the Engrish interpretation of 'black'; possibly started with 'black' mispelled on a condom package as seen on Engrish.com.
by Daniel Tran May 9, 2006
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