Having the aura or quality of crap about it; worthless, full of crap in the metaphorical sense.
"Don't try to sell me on any more of your crapulent notions."
by Nicholas December 21, 2002
the opposite of oppulent; generally crappy home or apartment decor.
his apartment was completely crammed full of crapulent junk and bric-a-brac.
by anthony munoz May 30, 2006
The state where one always feels crappy for an extended period of time.
Jake is just one of those crapulent guys.
by Ryan Mcsmit July 27, 2006
Sickness or indisposition resulting from excess in drinking or eating.
Some have a hang over others fall victim to its uglier cousin crapulence.
by kaosmoker June 1, 2020
1. Despair, heaped upon one's self due to being found-out to be a total, lying, jackass without a clue.

2. The utterance of total, unabashed bullshit, while maintaining the appearance of unwavering belief in what you are saying.
1. After losing the election, the president huddled in the corner of his hotel room under the weight of his own crapulance.

2. That fucker is spewing out total crapulance man!
by D Morris January 24, 2006
Congratulating someone on a shitty job well done.
Crapulation on doing that girl and then realizing she was your cousin you idiot.
by DrumLoud August 5, 2003
When you congratulate someone while really wanting to shit all over them for the crappy effort they have made.
He crapulated the speaker for his fine efforts in making a joke out of the recent scientific research on Whales.
by Mike737 September 25, 2006