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A harmless prank or a devestating way to bombard someones cell/or house phone to the point of it being changed..

This act is done by posting an appealing add on craigslist whether it be an awesome job or an expensive item for free and inserting a friends name and number then watch as their phone is bombarded for hours by stupid craigslist people in search of a deal.
-This prank was created in 2009 by an orlando man named wally and co-created by his friend eric...
-It took very little time for this prank to be spread all around florida and eventually the whole united states
(1) That really pisses me off how he is ducking my calls....I'm gonna craigslistng craigslist him real good!

(2) I'm bored, let's craigslisting craigslist matt! I'll put up an add on the free section in craigslist saying that he's gonna give away a free canoe with his house number! Yeah that will fix his wagon!
by Mister itchy September 23, 2009
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