tourist is best in competitive programming! He is really CP god
by coderbot August 04, 2019
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Captain Picard

Etymology: The first known usage of CP as Captain Picard was on the ubercore forum, "The Evolution of the Swan".
by Comrade Dave November 19, 2006
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cunt punch-when someone is being a bitch and needs an attitude adjustment, punch the said person in the cunt to straighten them out.
"I will cp the bitch who took my last twinkie", said the big girl who was breathing heavy due to hunger.
by Sally Ann Smithers January 21, 2011
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1. (v) Cock Punch

Forcefully sending one's knuckles into the cock of another individual. Often done for the sake of justice. Great Justice.

2. (n) Cock Punch

The act of cock punching.

3. (n) The main weapon in the war for justice (great justice) waged by Cock Puncher.
Alex: "That guy is such a dick, someone needs to CP him for justice."
Mike: "For great justice!"
by CP Inc. July 22, 2011
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When a girl under the age of 18 decides to perform fellatio on a man, while letting the man film it and take pictures, then the man posts it, then it results in the man being arrested for possession and production of CP.
John: Man did you watch the vid of my daughter's friend's sister's classmate's mother's niece suck on my tool on teh internets???


John: Did you???

Bob: No, that's CP dude.
by loopyhole January 26, 2009
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the abbreviation of the Chisinau Central Park, located in the capital of Republic of Moldova, in the center of the town.
hey Doc! Let's go to the C.P. at 7 PM!

C-Locc always hung out in the C.P., especially in the evening...
by Young Sly July 13, 2006
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