Spending time in jail, being unable to participate in other criminal activities.
He was a grade-A slinger but got jacked up an' now he's courtside.
by Got His Shit Took May 26, 2008
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a girl you associate with; that is so hot... you could sit Courtside with her watching a Basketball game (which is televised Nationally)
Dawg... she is too hot, (Courtside) Hot!
by Full Court* February 5, 2021
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Courtside Karen is a basketball term coined on February 1st 2021. It means any annoying ass bitch on the side of the court arguing with refs and or players.
Juliana Carlos is the original courtside Karen got kicked out of the Lakers vs Hawks game on the first day of black history month for being a dumb ass white bitch and trying to argue with Lebron James. MLk would have been proud.
by PleighboiRick February 2, 2021
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Courtside is what you say when you see someone wearing sneakers you have never seen in stores which probably have a deeper meaning to them than your college degree
Damn dude, those sneakers tell alot about your vibe! Must be Courtside
by notCourtsidePakkaPromise November 23, 2021
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