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Courtside Karen is a basketball term coined on February 1st 2021. It means any annoying ass bitch on the side of the court arguing with refs and or players.
Juliana Carlos is the original courtside Karen got kicked out of the Lakers vs Hawks game on the first day of black history month for being a dumb ass white bitch and trying to argue with Lebron James. MLk would have been proud.
by PleighboiRick February 2, 2021
Mickey Mouse ring is a new term created by Lebron haters. Coined around the summer of 2020 by the internet it has been used to define the NBA 2020 Championship Lebron & AD and the rest of the crew won. They devalue the Championship because of the Bubble, invalidating the league.

(one of the funniest terms in basketball I ever heard lmaoooo)
Lebrick is not top ten. This Mickey Mouse ring don’t even count shit was an AAU tourney.”
by PleighboiRick October 13, 2020