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when someone can't tell the other person that they love them becuase they are scared of what they will say
"I know I love him, but I"m a slinger."
by tsar June 13, 2006
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A Slinger is characterized by a love of freedom and flexibility, outside the strict, societal confines of long-term cable contracts and high monthly bills. When looking to kick back and be comfortable, a Slinger partakes in the activity known as Slinging. Slinging can occur at home with a significant other, or in a community of like-minded Slinging
enthusiasts at what’s known colloquially as a “Slingers Party.”
"Hey man, you know your friend you think she's a Slinger?"

"Yeah, she hates commitment and paying too much for cable. She's been Slinging since 2015."
by hyers March 2, 2018
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The formal name for a penis belonging to a shemale.
John: Dude that girl was so hot!
Bob:Yeah man, did you see her bulge? I bet she has a nice slinger too.

Bob: I can't believe that chick turned me down
John: It's cool dude, I bet she didn't even have a slinger.
by BlackAttack27 April 16, 2014
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Somebody who slings (sells) something, like drugs for instance. Also known as a slanger.
Homie: You the one slingin'?

Slinger: I'm on the way up with regular clients like you dawg!
by Dope Slanger December 1, 2006
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When you dick slap a girl with a cumy creamy dick while another guy is fucking you in the ass
The man used the slinger and made a red mark on her pussy
by ball_licker6969 February 13, 2015
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