Sticking your penis in a fat girls belly button. To clean a girls belly button with your penis.
John was blind and mistakenly fucked fat Jenny in the belly button instead of her pussie. She loves cotton picking.

Savio fucked Juanita in her belly pussie. He exclaimed, "Puta, Im cotton picking!"
by mrkansas July 9, 2011
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The act of picking particles of semen left behind on one's pubic hair after masturbating or intercourse
To keep my pubic hair clean, I have decided to start cotton picking
by DasNasty May 31, 2011
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An activity which occurs when, before sex, a girl forgets to take out her tampon. Afterwards, realizing what has happened, one or both of the partners must reach in and retrieve aforementioned tampon.
"Ah shit Dan! I left my tampon in... I guess it's cotton picking time."
by James C-drinks-gin December 19, 2008
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when you are having intercourse with an african amercian, and you pull out your weiner and find lint on your shaft
I went cotton picking with some gangsta ass bitches!
by thomas and steven August 11, 2007
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