the frantic behavior of a person who cannot decide what to wear for a party, date, or other event which usually involves the dispensation of the whole wardrobe across the room in total dismay.
Sorry I'm late! I had a costume drama situation
by lotuspanda March 15, 2008
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A costume nigger is a person who is frontin' and who has forgotten their roots.
The term is often used when referring to others in a derogatory sense.

You will frequently hear it in rap songs such as those by Busta Rhymes i.e. Anti-up.
Djembe: "Just look at that costume nigger, he be frontin' all over town"

Toke: "Man look at his threads, did he forget what 'King' strived for?!

Djembe: "He ain't no 'G', working for the white man in them those banks there, shit"

Toke: "This shit makes me sick to my stomach, ima holla at you bro"

Djembe: "Ain't no thing"
by D.R.E_9.0 January 22, 2014
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When that cheap rubber band or the staples that hold the rubber band in place on your Halloween mask break.
OMG! Everyone at the party thought I was George Bush until my mask came off.
by Ghost of Halloween past October 31, 2004
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when a girl has a tight complexion but procedes to apply makeup to turn into diva or premadonna. This girl will then match her clothes accordingly. She then recognizes other people as fake, snotty, a slut or a loser.
I didn't know it was near the day of the dead so what is up with your Halloween Costume?

That girl with the Halloween Costume called me a slut as I was just coming back from the balcony admiring the beauty of the moon at our prom.

She with the Halloween Costume ovfr there made chit chat about your ass over there with the men and now they think you're a whore.
by ewwhataloser December 5, 2009
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An embarassing exposure that can be blamed on clothing.
No, Janet didn't flash the world on purpose. That was a costume malfunction.


Oh, my fly's down? What a costume malfunction.
by Rachel February 4, 2004
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A very expressive, mysterious, kinky, exotic, dolled up, provocative, yet fabulous dancer with excessive accents and dance routines. She is not a girl but not a lady, just a gal going through puberty and seeing where her wild side takes her. She loves a chase and always plays hard to get with her fellows but makes them drool over her short bouncy curls that are always ready to jump!
CG: Wanna video chat?
T: suure...
CG: i've gotta lil dance for you honey

T: wtf?

then Costume Gal appears on the screen and dances her heart out to beats such as 50 cent and Akon.

On occasion she has backup gals.
by LXxiii September 1, 2010
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cheap jewelry left in your home after a one night stand
my costume cache consists of dozens of single earrings, broken necklaces, swatch watches, crappy bracelets and other trinklets left on my nightstand or on the floor and stored in a cigar box after a night of meanless debauchery from some women picked up at a bar.
by bullet88 September 28, 2010
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