Accurate. To be correctly correct. Correcto
That’s correcto!
by Donald duckmaster November 5, 2017
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Someone who is constantly correcting others. Specifically, Jason from the Walk of Shame Morning Show.
Captain Correcto! (dum-da-dummm)
Thanks a lot, Captain Correcto.
by May 13, 2004
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Like, when you're so sure of something, your verbal affirmation sounds like you're about to bust out some Sound of Music.
Dudebro: So, what you're saying is... you're saying what I keep saying you're saying, even though you won't say it?

Other dudebro: CORRECTO-MUNDO-DO-DO (♪a deer, a female deer♪)
by Arcane5 February 4, 2020
when your name is Bobby and you have the best GF ever
damn bobby is a correcto mingo
by Bobbythekai May 9, 2018
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