The best radio morning show ever. Based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, broadcasting from about 5:30 to 9:20 on weekdays and hosted by Tom Barnard, the KQ morning show features a menagerie of cast members, guests, listener letters and calls, news, dead pool, football picks, weather and traffic, music, and basically the best entertainment you can fit into less than four hours. The show also has an extensive website with photos related to guests and stories, photos sent in by listeners, separated at birth, and KQ Classic Babes.

The cast includes host Tom, co-hostess and queen of bad jokes Terri Traen, drop (bits of audio clipped from news, television shows, movies, or the show itself) and computer screen jockey Brian Zepp, official knower of porn Bryce Krauser, local journalist and sports man Bob Sansevere, betting king, general pessimist and jewish influence Mike Gelfand, local Fox news anchor Jeff Passolt, former NFL (including Minnesota Vikings) and resident black man Phillip Wise, and phone guy Justin Seaverson. Also calling daily is hollywood gossip man and weekly singer of Aloha Friday Mike Evans, and a frequent guest is interviewer Brad Blanks. Another occasional visiter is comedian Louie Anderson, who has been known to come on and then remain for the rest of the show.

KQ is known for their gameshows in which they give away prizes including tickets to concerts or sporting events. Common gameshows include "Real Tabloid Story or Not" (Complete with musical accompaniment of Harrison Ford movie theme montage beginning with Indiana Jones), "Real Porn Title or Not", "Real Band Name or Not", "Get it Right or Sound Like a Moron", "Password 92", "Match Game 92" and "Ach'ya or Nich'nich" (inspired by Sasha Baron Cohen as Bruno).

KQ has listeners all around the world, and was successful enough to defeat Howard Stern when he came to Minnesota. Listeners who miss the show, live out of broadcasting range, or just don't get up early, can catch the show on their website or download the podcast (available in iTunes).

They also go to Vegas once a year, usually in the fall or early winter. Then, as one drop says "All hell is gonna break loose."
Common sounds from the 92.5 KQRS Morning Show:
Terri: Okay I've got a joke-
Rest of cast: (general moans of displeasure)

Tom: It's 6:40, 40 minutes after 6 o'clock, little news, little information here at KQ.

Tom: And lets get three callers on the phone it's time to play...
(Theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark begins)
Tom:Real Tabloid Story or Not.
by RC555 July 26, 2008
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