Beavis on a sugar high, known to need to tp for his bungholio
"i am the great cornholio,i need tp for my bunghole , you will coporate with my bunghole, heh for there is only one bunghole , the almighty bunghole"
by AMB1223 July 22, 2005
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Beavis' alter-ego in the "Beavis and Butthead Do America" movie.
(Beavis faces the picture of Nixon doing his Victory symbol)
by Hehehehe.... Huhuhuhuh March 04, 2004
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A terrorist named Cornholio who needs TP for his bunghole.
I am cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!
by Cornholio August 15, 2003
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slang for anus. the hole where corn is discharged from the body after digestion. A greek god.
I am Cornholio, i need t.p. for my bunghole!!!
by Morris Balamut April 08, 2006
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beavis's mexicana alter-ego, when he's on a sugar high. probably means "cornhole".
"i am cornholio, guardian of your bungholio".
by psybaba December 29, 2003
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A un-official millitary term. Used as a code word for "there is an officer, staff non commissioned officer, or anyone else of higher rank that will get you in trouble for goofing off". Founded by the cannoneers of battery P 5/14. The term may not have worked all that well since that unit no longer exists.
by KungFu April 04, 2005
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Beavis being a dumbass. when he drinks or eats sugary things he turns into cornholio. he is the ruler of nicaragua.
i would not want my bungholio to get polio!
by iaintgay October 15, 2003
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