(adj.) applied to Midwesterners, either male or female, that are healthy and strong. Women can take this as either an insult or a compliment, as the term is generally considered to be on equal footing with the adjective 'stout'.
That chick has bigger arms than me! She is definitely corn-fed.
by The Limited June 30, 2007
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A hick. Simply that.
Look at all them corn-feds bangin' their sisters!
by Maccer May 22, 2005
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Referring to any person living in, or from, a rural-american area who is typically strong, stocky and "a good ol' boy." Usually mid-Western.
Billy-bob is a corn fed sonofabitch.
by Phatts August 2, 2006
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Describes your typical midwesterner. A white guy or girl who is large and stocky but in a healthy way. Corn fed women have child-bearing hips and corn fed men play football. Not attractive, but not ugly either, just plain. They're simple, friendly folks, sweet as apple pie, but lack complexity. Make good husbands and wives, but will bore you to death if you try to have an intelligent conversation with one.
Steve settled down with some corn fed girl from Indiana. Now he'll spend the rest of his dull, miserable existence raising kids and mulching his yard.
by Moe Moo August 25, 2006
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Referring to a person with naturally large sex characteristics

a.k.a. naturally large breasts, or a naturally large penis
1. Oh my god! did u see the breasts on that girl?
Yeah, she must've been corn-fed

2. Holy shit, this guy's dick is huge!
Yup, he's corn fed
by Dave K June 26, 2005
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Insult to a fat person. Especially of the white race. Refering to being fed corn like one of the pigs.
That fat hick looks like he's been corn fed.
by Me June 28, 2004
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